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                                 SPECIAL EVENTS MENU 2021
Cookies:  Cookies are available by the dozen  and will be packaged in a box. They are also available on a platter - 12” Platter: (4 dozen); 16” Platter:  (6-7 dozen). These are on a black deli-type platter with a clear dome lid. 

Flavors: Chocolate Chip, Chocolate No-Bake, Chocolate Crinkle, Frosted Sugar (Frosting can be tinted to match your color choice), Lemon Butter (a flaky, buttery cookie with a hint of lemon, sprinkled sugar on top), M&M, Oatmeal (with or without raisins), Old Fashioned Sugar, Peanut Butter, Chocolate No-Bake, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter No-Bake. Minimum 2 dozen per flavor.  Other flavors may be considered upon request.

Cupcakes:  Cupcakes are ordered by the dozen. They will have a buttercream swirled frosting in the color of your choice with a little “sparkle” on top.  They are a regular-sized cupcake, not the giant ones. They will be placed in a bakery box for delivery/pick up.  Standard flavors:  Chocolate, Yellow(vanilla).  Contact us for more flavor suggestions.  

Mini Whoopie Pies:  These are about the size of a half dollar to a silver dollar. The flavors to choose from are as follows: Banana, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Molasses, Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, Snickerdoodle, Sugar. Filling Flavors: Traditional white, marshmallow, peanut butter, chocolate, mint. New for 2018*** We are pleased to announce that we have added some deluxe flavors available for your special event: Lemon, Insideout Creamsicle, Carrot Cake(Cream cheese filling), Chocolate with Oreo filling, Vanilla with Strawberry filling, Chocolate with Raspberry or Cherry filling. **Minimum 2 dozen per flavor.  Other flavors may be considered upon request.  
Mini whoopies can be ordered by the dozen and will be packaged in a box. These are great for those of you who wish to wrap your own desserts. They are also available by platter - 12” Platter:  (2 dozen); 16”: Platter: (3 ½ dozen); These are on a black deli-type platter with a clear dome lid.  

Mini Tandycakes:  A yellow sponge-type cake with a layer of peanut butter and topped with chocolate frosting.  

Mini Dessert Bar:  A unique offering such as mini cheesecakes, mini sugar cookie fruit tarts, mini cookie tarts, mini brownie tarts, mini cupcakes, mini cream puffs, mini cookies, mini pies and mini whoopie pies.  ​CUSTOMER FAVORITE!

Dessert Cups/Shooters:  Just Like Mom Made is pleased to offer mini dessert cups for your special event. These are a great alternative to cake, cupcakes and pie. The desserts are prepared in two different styles of clear hard plastic cups and each are accompanied with your choice of a clear plastic or silver mini serving spoon. Every dessert cup is homemade – no store bought caramel, mousse, cheesecake, etc.  Call for more information!

Butter Mints:  Great for baby and bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, etc.!

A $50.00 “Save the Date” fee is required when you book your event. The fee will be deducted from your total when your final invoice is generated. The fee is non-returnable if your event is cancelled.  

Please contact me for prices and with any questions, concerns or suggestions!  Flexibility is what you get with this small business owner!